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The dialogue throughout is pitch-perfect, there’s a laugh on nearly every page, and Schuster’s crystal-clear prose shimmers. – Publishers Weekly

A work of astute perception. – Beth Kephart Books

An off-kilter portrait of a guy unsatisfied. – Kirkus Reviews

Worth a read, and possibly two, to understand the subtleties that lie within.  – Joe Ponepinto, The L.A. Review

Schuster has written another boundary-leaping novel. – Lavinia Ludlow, The Nervous Breakdown

A picture rendered in the most tender of emotions.Curtis Smith, Prime Number (Review & Interview)

In writing The Grievers, Schuster has done everything right. – Simon Read, author of War of Words

Aching pathos and biting touches of genius. – Sheila Deeth,

A quick, succinct, raw and honest approach to life and death. – Claudia Robinson, Luxury Reading

This book had me laughing my ass off! – F.P. Dorchak, Running Off at the Mouth

Both endearing and frightening. – Jessica Cocita, Just Joywriting

Oh, yeah! That was worth it.Stephen Mortensen, Paper Triangle

Compelling and comically tragic.John’s Consciousness


Marc Schuster…Renaissance Man! – An interview by author F.P. Dorchak.

Interview with Dr. Karen Stout – Among other topics, we discuss teaching, writing, and an unlikely mishap with an electric razor.

Laughter Abounds in English Prof’s The Grievers – A profile in The Montgomery News by Nicolette Milholin.

“Off the Page” with Schwartz and Packer from The Grievers – Dan Cafaro of Atticus Books interviews two of the more colorful characters from The Grievers, Charley Schwartz and Greg Packer.

Marc Schuster on The Grievers – A Hilarious, Inspiring Must-Read – Marc chats with August McLaughlin about coming of age, resisting the temptation to self-publish, and deleted scenes.

All But True Featured Readers 
Liz Moore and Marc Schuster talk with Doug Gordon – Marc and Heft author Liz Moore sit down with All But True reading series director Doug Gordon to talk about writing.

Interview with Tom Powers in Philadelphia Stories – Marc sits down with longtime friend and sometime collaborator Tom Powers to talk about attending Saint Joseph’s Prep and whether his experiences there had any bearing on the creation of Saint Leonard’s Academy in The Grievers.

Interview with Amy Chiu – Marc chats with blogger Amy Chiu about The Grievers, his inexplicable predilection for wearing feather boas, and his talent for dressing up like Gene Simmons.

Interview with Charles Holdefer – Charles Holdefer, author of Nice, Apology for Big Rod, and The Contractor, interviews Marc on subjects ranging from the impetus behind writing The Grievers to his thoughts on the “generation that has yet to come of age.”

Interview with Monica D’Antonio – Monica D’Antonio interviews Marc on her blog, X-Rated, touching on anxiety, education, humor, MASH, academic prostitution, and male bonding.

Interview with D. Thomas Minton (Part One) – Part one of an interview with sci-fi author D. Thomas Minton regarding writing, The Grievers, cheese steaks, and Marc’s odd propensity for impersonating Malclom Gladwell.

Interview with D. Thomas Minton (Part Two) – Part two of an interview with D. Thomas Minton, which touches on the craft of writing, talking animals, and the likelihood of Marc hitching a ride on a Russian rocket.

The Singular Exploits of an Author, Blogger, and Book Reviewer – An Interview with Marc Schuster

Interview with August McLaughlin – Marc chats with August McLaughlan about his writing process, researching the illicit drug trade, and writing from a woman’s perspective.

Interview with Steve Almond in The Nervous Breakdown – An interview with the author of Candy Freak and God Bless America discussing The Singular Exploits of Wonder Mom and Party Girl.

Interview with Peter Schwartz in DogzPlot – An interview discussing The Singular Exploits of Wonder Mom and Party Girl.

The Driftless Area Review – An interview discussing The Singular Exploits of Wonder Mom and Party Girl, consumerism, and writing.

Local Author Profile – Marc discusses The Singular Exploits of Wonder Mom and Party Girl with Jamie Elfrank.

“Who Goes There?” – This interview with Betty Ragan originally appeared in Kaleidotrope magazine in 2007 and focuses on The Greatest Show in the Galaxy.


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